Complementary feed from Catfish skin pigtails

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Complementary feed from Catfish skin pigtails

Catfish skin is an indisputable fish delicacy for your pets! An amazing combination of easily digestible protein (up to 83,2%), calcium and phosphorus (up to 5,43%), as well as essential amino acids Omega (up to 6,43%) makes Catfish skin an excellent, natural complementary feed for your pets. Elastic, resilient, but at the same time quite soft Catfish skin perfectly cleans dental plaque and is ideal for puppies during teething. Catfish skin products, like our other products, are handmade. A special drying mode allows you to save not only up to 70-80% of nutrients, but also an appetizing, natural smell that will attract your pets again and again. Catfish skin products are presented with pigtails for large and medium dogs and plates for small pets.

Feeding recommendations:

  • Depending on the size of the dog - 2-5 pigtails per day
  • Always provide enough fresh drinking water

Analytical Constituents

Ingredients:    100% Catfish skin
Energy value per 100g. product:    360 Kcal / 1511 kJ
Crude protein:    83,2 %
Crude fat:    7,9 %
Salt:    0,2 %
Crude cellulose:    0,3%
Crude ash:    0,9 %
Moisture content:    10,5 %
Omega 3:    0,82 %
Omega 6:    0,74 %
Omega 9:    4,87 %
Calcium:    5,13 g/kg
Phosphorus:    0,3%